Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce FAQs

Collaborative law process involves the non-adversarial resolution of family
law disputes through voluntary settlement procedures. Generally, the
collaborative team consists of an attorney for each party, a neutral family
specialist and a neutral financial specialist. Attorneys, Peter N. Meros
and Belinda B. Lazzara at MEROS, SMITH, LAZZARA, BRENNAN & BRENNAN, PA have
substantial training and experience in the collaborative law process. The
process is voluntary and requires the participating attorneys and clients
to sign a written agreement. The keys to the process are full disclosure,
complete transparency, and such a commitment to success that if the process
is not successful, the attorneys may not represent the parties in any
contested proceeding. As a result of these commitments, the success rate is
extremely high.

Peter and Belinda know that this process helps families through
often-contentious situations without destroying their relationships along
the way. The team approach and identification of common goals and solutions
allows the parties to maximize their marital assets and put the best
interests of the parties and their children first, without the trauma of

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