Child Abuse Charges in Saint Petersburg and Tampa

According to reports from the Department of Health and Human Services (USDHS), child abuse charges have increased dramatically the past ten years, rising from 150,000 reported cases in 1997 to nearly 800,000 reported cases in 2008. Many of these cases are legitimate, and often sad and tragic. There were nearly 150,000 referred cases of child abuse and almost 200 children died in Florida in 2008, as disruptive social factors like poverty and intense economic pressure, a rising divorce rate, and drug abuse created the conditions that can lead to child abuse.

Wrongful accusations of child abuse have become more common

While child abuse in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding area is a growing problem, it is also true that sometimes people are wrongly accused. The high divorce rate in the United States has resulted in more frivolous claims of child abuse as one parent may vent his or her anger against the other with accusations of abusing their child. A public sensitivity to any kind of violence, real or perceived, against children has been heightened sometimes to the point where if a person is accused of child abuse he or she is perceived as being guilty even before a trial.

You need aggressive support from a skilled Tampa child abuse defense attorney

It is imperative for anyone accused of physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing or exploiting a minor to immediately hire an experienced child abuse lawyer who specializes in Florida, including Tampa and Saint Petersburg, child abuse cases. Being convicted of child neglect can be devastating. If convicted of a felony, you can expect to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term, 85 percent of which is mandatory, and the stigma of being a child abuser is likely to hound you the rest of your life.

Many innocent people go to jail every year because they know they are innocent and that knowledge infuses them with a false sense of confidence. This convinces them to defend themselves or to be casual in their defense. But the consequences of a conviction for child abuse in St. Petersburg or Tampa can wreck your life and that of your family.

Contact us for skilled legal support when you face child abuse charges

A child abuse accusation and conviction in Tampa or St. Petersburg can result in a ruined reputation and jail time. When you face child abuse charges, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. The skilled attorneys of Meros, Smith, Lazzara, Brennan & Brennan, P.A. know how to fight for your rights when you face child abuse charges. Contact us today.

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