Child Neglect Charges in Saint Petersburg and Tampa

A form of child abuse, child neglect is defined as a failure to provide for a child’s basic needs. Such neglect may include the following:

  • Physical neglect: Not providing food or shelter or lack of appropriate supervision
  • Medical neglect: Not providing medical or mental health treatment
  • Educational neglect: Failing to educate a child or attend to special educational needs
  • Emotional neglect: Not attending to a the emotional needs of a child, which also may include psychological care, or permitting a child to indulge in alcohol or other drugs

Neglect is the most common form of child abuse

In Tampa, child neglect is the most common form of child abuse. According to reports from the Department of Health and Human Services (USDHS), of the nearly 800,000 victims of child abuse in 2007, 59 percent of those suffered neglect.

As a result, child neglect laws were put in place to protect children during contact with teachers, babysitters, guardians, relatives, and foster parents.

You need aggressive support from a skilled Saint Petersburg child neglect attorney

It is a sad fact that most child neglect investigations take place in a child’s home. While many are based on concrete physical or emotional evidence, such as a child coming to school hungry or with bruises on his body, others are based on hearsay, frivolous evidence, or in some cases are generated by inaccurate information provided by angry ex-spouses.

A parent convicted of child neglect in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and around the nation is subjected to humiliation, loss of the child and, in the cases involving physical child abuse, mandatory prison terms with conditions and stipulations that may follow you the rest of your life. In many child neglect cases, what begins as a tip and an inquiry may quickly lead to invasive criminal investigations and charges and before you know it you may be in court.

It is critical for you to notify an experienced lawyer who specializes in such cases as soon as possible if you are accused of child neglect or suspect you are the subject of an investigation.  Your attorney can help you handle this serious criminal charge, and can possibly protect you from the devastating consequences of a child neglect conviction.

Contact us for skilled legal support when you face child neglect charges

A child neglect accusation and conviction in Tampa or St. Petersburg can result in a ruined reputation and jail time. When you face child neglect charges, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. The skilled child abuse attorneys of Meros, Smith, Lazzara, Brennan & Brennan, P.A. know how to fight for your rights when you face child neglect charges. Contact us today.

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