Drug Crime Charges in Saint Petersburg and Tampa

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (USDA) 2008 Report, Florida continues to be a primary state in the US for international drug trafficking as well as a principle thoroughfare for cocaine and heroin transiting to the northeastern US and Canada. Cocaine and crack cocaine pose major public health and safety threats throughout the state, and in recent years the area has become the focal point of methamphetamine manufacture, distribution, and abuse in the state.

The area’s drug problem is extensive. In 2006, more than 9,000 people were arrested for drug violations and more than 400 people died of drug-related deaths in the St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area alone.

A drug conviction can have life-changing consequences

Because of the extensive nature of drug trafficking throughout Florida, drug crimes are considered very serious offenses by state law enforcement agents and are prosecuted aggressively. And from a defendant’s perspective, being convicted of a drug crime in Saint Petersburg or Tampa can have life-changing consequences that include the following:

  • Mandatory prison time
  • Stiff fines and court costs
  • Probation or parole
  • Forfeiture of property
  • Notification of employer and loss of work and wages
  • Loss of state and professional licenses
  • Automatic suspension of driver’s license
  • Mandatory enrollment in a court-ordered drug treatment program

Drug crimes in and around the nation may include a wide range of illegal activities, including possession, sale, manufacture, distribution and trafficking, and prescription fraud and forgery. Participating in an ongoing criminal activity exposes a person to a federal charge and almost surely results in harsher punishment. The state of Florida also applies mandatory sentences, which are determined by the severity of a crime and a defendant’s prior criminal record.

Contact us for skilled legal support when you face drug charges

A drug conviction can result in financial penalties and jail time. When you face prosecution for drug possession charges or other drug crimes in Saint Petersburg, you need an experienced drug crime attorney by your side. The skilled attorneys of Meros, Smith, Lazzara, Brennan & Brennan, P.A. know how to fight for your rights when you face drug charges. To learn how our firm can obtain results for your specific case, please contact the office of Meros, Smith, Lazzara, Brennan & Brennan, P.A. by email or call our office at 727-822-4929.

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